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Journeyman Plumbing in Siskiyou, Ca

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Welcome To Mt. Shasta Plumbing & Drain Cleaning


Before all else start with the simple fact that most plumbers don't clean drains and most drain cleaners don't do plumbing, your search for the right contractor has just become a lot easier.

Faucet Repair and Installation

Faucet repair and faucet installation look like easy tasks if you watch the do-it-yourself shows, but know this; these shows are all sponsored by home improvement stores? They want to sell you products and it is in their best interest to make things look much easier than they really are. At Mt. Shasta Plumbing & Drain Cleaning , we provide you with the expert local plumbing contractor service and plumbing needed to complete the faucet installation of your choice, quick & easy! We don’t have any contracts with the fixture manufacturers – the only person we have a contract with is you!

Problems with your sewers and drains can cost you if not addressed properly.

Bathroom Sink Drains clog thanks to hair, toothpaste, soap and grime. Shower and Tub Drains clog through hair and soap buildup in the trap and drainpipe. There should never be water standing in the tub or stall because properly functioning drains should drain the water away almost instantly. If there is water covering the shower floor and your feet, your shower drain is clogged and will become completely blocked. Kitchen Drains clog over time and become slower as greases, soaps, fats and detergents accumulate on the inner walls of the pipes. This eventually causes blockage. Toilet Drains generally clog from bathroom tissue.

Water Lines / Pipe Work

The proper performance of residential and commercial plumbing systems hinges on the integrity of its water lines and pipe work. Supply, drainage and ventilation networks for plumbing systems must be inspected, repaired and maintained so as to provide efficient operational dependability. Nobody wants the production levels of their home or business to suffer thanks to plumbing issues. You need fresh water delivered constantly. You may want to remove dirty, contaminated waters quickly into sewage-disposal tanks or sewers. You need your residential and commercial plumbing systems operating smoothly in all attend order to simplify your life and maximize persona and business production rates.


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